Baby U Cushie Traveller

Baby U Cushie Traveller Folding Padded Toilet Seat

Product Details

Folding Padded Toilet Seat, ideal for toddlers on-the-go

The Baby U Cushie Traveller is a unique padded folding toilet seat, ideal for toddlers on-the-go. This soft cushioned seat fits regular toilet seats and helps keep your child in routine, even when you are on holiday or out running errands.

The seat folds conveniently into a washable carry bag that is small and portable so you can take it anywhere and everywhere – the perfect travel companion for all toilet training toddlers!

– Easy to clean
– Great for public toilets
– Keeps your child in routine during Toilet Training
– Cushioned for comfort and safety
– Fits regular toilet seats
– Underside brackets helps keep seat secure
– Includes washable carry bag
– Ideal for on-the-go