Post-natal belly wrapping

Post-Natal Belly Wrapping and Belts

Finding the right products for all your post-natal needs can be difficult. However, it’s important to have the resources you need to recover after a birth and give your body the support it requires to return to its original shape. Our products include quality brands including the Original Belly Bandit, which was created especially for a woman’s post pregnancy body.

Tummy wraps can be helpful for various reasons, and are often recommended to wear post pregnancy by your doctor. You need a bit of extra support post pregnancy, as your body has recently been under immense pressure and has changed shape dramatically. It will take time to heal and our products can help this process along quicker.

Benefits of the belly belt

There are heaps of advantages to using a belly support belt wrap or band, now available online for purchase through Pregnancy and Baby. Firstly, a belt can help you look slimmer instantly. Apart from aesthetic benefits, a tummy wrap can also accelerate healing, supports your back and legs and also supports you while breastfeeding.

Our belly belts are simple and affordable, as well as effective. The Belly Shield, when used in combination with stretch mark creams and oils, helps your skin soak in moisture and helps tighten and shrink your body. We also stock a range of other pregnancy support products, so browse our range today. Get your pre- baby body back in no time!

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At Pregnancy and Baby, we stock only quality products that are from highly accredited brands to provide our customers with the best online range. We pride ourselves on our customer service and offer a 30 day money back guarantee as well as free postage on orders over $85.

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