Belly Bandit

Get Back into Shape After Childbirth with the Belly Bandit

Pregnancy and Baby is proud to provide Australian mums with the perfect post childbirth shapewear, the Belly Bandit.

We have a great range of Belly Bandit products, including Mother Tucker garments, perfect for any mum wanting to get their body back in shape after giving birth to their little one. These products are comfortable and help the wearer feel great about their body whilst getting it get back to its pre-pregnancy shape.

We offer a 30-day guarantee on our products, so if you find you are unhappy with your purchase you can return them free of charge, no questions asked.

What is the Belly Bandit?

The Belly Bandit is a revolutionary pregnancy garment designed by women, for women, that works to help a new mum get back to her original shape before pregnancy.

The team at Belly Bandit have put in hours of research to create the perfect garment that is comfortable for new mums to wear whilst relieving them of the frustrating effects child birth has had on their bodies.

How does the Belly Bandit work?

The Belly Bandit works as a compression method that has been used in the medical industry for years. The Belly Bandit works on the skin stretching, discomfort, muscle weakening, and skin delicacy that needs support after child birth.

When you are wearing the Belly Bandit you have constant medical grade pressure working on the skin and muscles, which helps to take away the stretching and discomfort associated with child birth.

The Belly Bandit also helps to compress small blood vessels and capillaries and flushes bodily fluids away from the skin, which reduces swelling and will help you to get back to your pre-pregnancy shape.

Our range of Belly Bandit products

We sell an extensive range of Belly Bandit products. This includes:

  • Bamboo Belly Bandits
  • Upsie Bellies
  • Thigh disguise
  • BDA Leggings
  • Flawless Belly
  • Mother Tucker Compression Leggings
  • Bras
  • Corsets

The Belly Bandit is just one of the many suppliers of wonderful products we supply for mums and babies at our store, have a look at our other range of products, including baby wear and lullaby music to find exactly what you are looking for.