Lullaby Renditions of The Eagles CD

The Eagles have always been the biggest birds in the neighborhood. Their country-rock songs evoke the freedom of a vacation with the family, children sitting in the backseat of the station wagon, looking wide-eyed at the world. With gentle harmonies as warm as a summer breeze, the Eagles are a bundle of feel good. When the stars shine brightly in the sky, it's time for the kids to take it easy. Play this album to ensure peaceful, easy sleepings. [Not original artist recordings]åÊ

Track List
Hotel CaliforniaåÊ
Peaceful, Easy FeelingåÊ
New Kid in TownåÊ
Take it EasyåÊ
One of These NightsåÊ
Witchy WomanåÊ
Tequila SunriseåÊ
The Best of My LoveåÊ
The Long RunåÊ