Belly Bandit's first ever product, the Belly Bandit Original, is still one of the fastest, most comfortable and economical ways to say goodbye to your post pregnancy belly. Shop yours now for just $62.99!

Belly Bandit revolutionised the post-pregnancy garments domain. Until now ladies toning and tummy tightening shape were never glamorous. Nowadays Belly Bandit is heralded by even the most fabulous of celebrity mums.

One of TV's fittest, funniest and most famous mother of twins, Julie Bowen, who plays Clare Dunphy on modern family loves her Belly Bandit:

"Twins destroyed my body. Seriously. Belly Bandit had me back into my 'almost skinny' jeans in 8 weeks!"


Belly Bandit started the trend that has grown to the worldwide acceptance and use of women's post-pregnancy and shape-wear garments. Nowadays the brand is heralded by celebrities everywhere! On P&B you can shop the exclusive range and enjoy free shipping on orders over $85.

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Written by Pregnancy And Baby — August 12, 2015