Keep your belly growing flawlessly - Flawless Belly

The Flawless Belly available from Pregnancy and Baby for just $59.99 is the mum-to-be's greatest wardrobe asset. It protects your belly and your clothes!

Belly Bandit understands just how important it is to keep applying creams and lotions to protect a growing belly. The Flawless Belly allows you to indulge your belly with a deep moisture treatment, 24/7. Simply apply your favourite stretch mark cream to your belly (day or night), slip on your Flawless Belly and dress as usual!

The grow-with-you design lets your skin breathe while locking in moisture and protecting your clothing, keeping your belly looking flawless and fabulous. It is also a great layering item.

September 30, 2015

Spring into September - Thighs Disguise

Spring is in the air and its almost time to get those legs out! With skirts, summer dresses and shorts on the horizon, you best be prepared.

Belly Bandit's Thigh Disguise from Pregnancy and Baby is now going for the discounted price of $49.99.

Thigh Disguise is a wardrobe essential that helps smooth your silhouette. With a light squeeze of the thigh and a lift of the tush, it's an incomparable piece. The specially designed material prevents uncomfortable chafing while providing gentle belly support that cradles and hugs your curves.

The material also allows any lotion to be worn around the clock, helping to reduce stretch marks all day long. Perfect for wearing under your dresses, skirts and pants.

September 30, 2015

B.D.A. Leggings - Comfort Life Changer

Our B.D.A. Leggings adjust to the ups and downs of pregnancy. Either wear the leggings over your belly or roll the top accordingly for a snug and supportive fit at every stage. Trust us, you will live in these leggings during your pregnancy through the preschool years. Yes, they are that comfortable and durable you’ll want to fill your closet with them.
  • Ultra-soft, breathable knit
  • Seamless, tagless design
  • Fabulously comfortable
  • Versatile fit for every stage
  • Buy here for only $49.99.

September 30, 2015

Belly Bandit BFF - Your next best friend

The revolutionary Belly Bandit BFF band is being described by many women as their actual “BFF”.
While it will become your very best friend for 6-8 weeks after you deliver, the B.F.F. also stands for Body Formulated Fit. Get yours today from Pregnancy and Baby 

It's unique technology makes it incredibly comfortable and non-invasive. It is perfect for mums wanting to get there 'pre-baby' body back AND there are many who agree.

Coleen has shared her thoughts on The Makeup Bubble here and has further posted a video review on Youtube:

September 07, 2015

Mother Tucker Nursing Tank - because nursing is natural

Belly Bandit's Mother Tucker Nursing Tank supports every nursing mother's needs. Get yours now for just $98.99 AUS.

It is a slimming, trimming compression garment that accommodates for easy breastfeeding access. No matter the environment, nursing is natural and should be encouraged.

At Pregnancy and Baby we believe that motherhood is one of the most beautiful natural processes. Women should be able to embrace all that it entails.


Esther does and you can read about what she has to say here:

Not your average nursing tank

"I probably would’ve loved the Mother Tucker just for the name itself, but after taking it for a test run, I’m comfortable saying that every nursing mum needs to try this nursing tank right tucking now."

- Esther Chen


September 07, 2015

Get the Look at P&B today

The secret is out! Belly Bandit’s post pregnancy compression garments are being used by celebrities to get them back into pre-baby form. Shop the look at Pregnancy and Baby for just $79.99!


Christina Aguilera has had two kids now and knows how to get her bod back quickly. The Pop Star has been spotted, looking fabulous, wearing her Mother Tucker Compression leggings out on the town, to the gym, on Jimmy Fallon and even whilst performing.


Sources confirm that she is not alone. Belly Bandit’s Mother Tucker Leggings are sported by many celebrity mums. This is because they can be worn to work, to the gym AND out on the town with simple accessory and shoe and top swaps.


The Belly Bandit Compression Leggings not only look amazing but they help muscles and fascia “remember” where they are supposed to be after pregnancy. In a nut-shell they help you get your bod back!

September 07, 2015

Bamboo Belly Bandit - by women for women

The Bamboo Belly Bandit is a luxurious step up from the original. It is made for the "green" mum who wants an eco-friendly yet supremely comfortable Belly Bandit. Shop yours now for $80.99!

Bamboo is known to be the fastest growing plant on earth and fabrics derived from Bamboo are some of the softest materials you can place next to your body.

Belly Bandit listen to their customers and strive to improve through endless research and testing. The product is regularly refined for the modern woman, and is an ongoing testament to the brilliant women behind the products creation and rise to market leader:

"Nobody understands what a woman wants better than other women. At Belly Bandit, we are a woman-owned company and we truly care about every teeny tiny detail of our products. We sweat the small stuff. We research and research. We test our products. We talk to mums just like you and we are constantly refining our current products and adding new products."

- Lori, Kari, and Jodie Caden

Learn more about one of the talented entrepreneurs behind Belly Bandit, Lori Caden

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August 24, 2015

Belly Bandit Original - The Original Trendsetter

Belly Bandit's first ever product, the Belly Bandit Original, is still one of the fastest, most comfortable and economical ways to say goodbye to your post pregnancy belly. Shop yours now for just $62.99!

Belly Bandit revolutionised the post-pregnancy garments domain. Until now ladies toning and tummy tightening shape were never glamorous. Nowadays Belly Bandit is heralded by even the most fabulous of celebrity mums.

One of TV's fittest, funniest and most famous mother of twins, Julie Bowen, who plays Clare Dunphy on modern family loves her Belly Bandit:

"Twins destroyed my body. Seriously. Belly Bandit had me back into my 'almost skinny' jeans in 8 weeks!"


Belly Bandit started the trend that has grown to the worldwide acceptance and use of women's post-pregnancy and shape-wear garments. Nowadays the brand is heralded by celebrities everywhere! On P&B you can shop the exclusive range and enjoy free shipping on orders over $85.

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August 12, 2015

Free BetterBump Bar with every order

BetterBump Bars are a delicious and healthy snack bar designed specifically with maternal mothers in mind.

The bar can be consumed by anyone looking for a delicious and healthy snack but is scientifically designed to enhance your pregnancy Before, During and After child birth.

We're so excited for you to try BetterBump Bars that if you place any order on Pregnancy and Baby this month, we will include a FREE BetterBump Bar with every order!

Or, if one bar isn't enough, you can purchase a whole box.

March 17, 2015

Anna Saccone shows off her Belly Bandit collection

We love this postpartum fashion vid from the wonderful Anna Saccone. She does a great section on Belly Bandit (watch below). It is great advice for helping chose your size, colour and style of Belly Bandit. All the products she mentions in her video are available here at Pregnancy and Baby.

Check out the vid below…

April 14, 2014